Hello! Starting kenny.yeoyou.net

Hello there, I’m Kenny. A Korean developer working in Sydney.

I’ve been working for 20 years on IT/Programming here, Tokyo and Seoul. I’d like to share my recent learnings on the latest technology.

Stay tuned. The first coming post would be about setting a private VPN server on Oracle cloud.

BTW, I’m recently working with JS and loving it. Still new to Ruby but love Jekill and Gihub. Here is my little promise.

(async () => {
  const content = await setTheAlgoVpnOnOracleiCloud({
    regionName: 'South Korea North',
    due: 'ASAP'
  const post = await dumpTheWalkthrough({
    target: 'Github blog',
    author: 'kennyhyun',
  await publishContents(post);
  console.log('You can make your own private VPN server now');


See ya